Connecting at Calvary!

Our main gatherings on Sunday mornings happen at 10 am. We also meet in various smaller settings like Community Groups, DNA Groups, and others during the week.

Here at Calvary, we believe that God wants to do something great – not just in your life, but in the lives of our community and city. By connecting with other believers, we will be encouraged and strengthened in our Christian life.

Our four main components to Christian living are: Worship, Connect, Grow, and Go! Sunday mornings are our main worship gathering: we fellowship with one another, pray, sing, and hear the Word through expositional preaching. Within your Community Group or DNA Group, you will not only be Connecting with one another, but you will also be Growing (studying together) and Going (serving together).

What are community groups?

Community groups are mid-sized groups that meet once a week during each semester. They are the same in format. During these groups, there will be a meal which is shared from 6-6:45 and is followed by an activity or discussion.

Children are welcome and encouraged to attend with their families. Your group will share the responsibility of caring for younger children. Youth in middle school and high school will be participating in the group with their parents.

A calendar will be provided when you sign-up, and it will include all of the dates you are meeting as well as the activities for the semester.

What are DNA groups?

DNA groups are smaller, gender-specific discipleship groups of 2-4 people. In these groups, life-on-life discipleship takes place through sharing life, studying the Word together, and encouraging one another through authentic, Gospel-centered relationship.

We hope that you will consider joining one of these groups. It is a short commitment and you will gain much from taking the time to get to know others here at Calvary.

When and where?

Our Community groups here at Calvary begin each fall, spring, and summer! There are groups meeting throughout Lakewood during the week all from 6-8pm. DNA groups start at random times, as people are available and interested!