Calvary is passionately committed to seeing the Gospel made flesh and come alive in the lives of its people.  The Bible is clear that it is through the regular interaction and meaningful relationships with other believers that we are conformed to become more like Jesus.

What Is DNA Discipleship?

DNA Discipleship serve as our core expression for growing to know God deeply and making disciples. We believe every believer has been entrusted with the amazing mission of being discipled and making disciples.  DNA Discipleship is same-sex groups of 2-4 people that meet regularly for more focused gospel-application, accountability, encouragement, challenge, and prayer. These groups last 12-16 weeks in duration.

The book You Can Change by Tim Chester provides a helpful model and method for DNA Groups. Though some groups use other resources, Chester’s book provides a biblically-based and biblically-applied model for how believers grow in Christlikeness.

To join a DNA group email