Finding Confidence In The Confusion (Mark 6:30-44) Jordan Branch, January 28, 2018 It's hard to make sense of the constant bombardment of messages we experience in our age of information overload. Where confusion abounds, where do we find confidence to place our trust for the most important elements of our life? In the person, work, [...] Read more

We Are The Choices We Make (Mark 6:14-29) Jordan Branch, January 21, 2018 How powerful is our desire to build, manage, and maintain our reputation? More powerful than you think. Will you repent and pursue the Character of Christ or will you manage your self-perception at all costs? Don't be multiple versions of yourself—find the [...] Read more

Three New Year's Resolutions From Jesus (Mark 6:7-13) Jordan Branch, January 14, 2018 What if the action of repentance meant so much more than we understand? Jesus invites us to come to him, go for him, and trust his care, power, and wisdom for our lives. Repentance begins this journey and opens the door for [...] Read more

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