At Calvary, our hope is to assist families in discipling teens to know, love, and follow Christ!

We believe relationships and discipleship across generations in the church is the most important way we can come along side families in developing mature faith in students.

The practice most related to mature faith in high school and college students is intergenerational worship and relationships. –Kara Powell, author of Sticky Faith: Everyday Ideas To Build Lasting Faith In Your Kids.

We want students to be a part of the everyday church experience.

Thus the reason we include students in worship, encourage their participation in community groups, and ask for their involvement in regular service in the church and the community.

That said, we do value student-focused discipleship. We currently have several 6th–12th grade students and we would love for your teenager to join them for a youth-focused time of bible study or event. To join in this time, email